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Bursagaz Social Business Transformation

Bursagaz, which includes technological developments in its processes withholistic approach and that has acquired the principles of providing convenience for its customers, suppliers and staff, at every point in life, continues its activities on Social Networks. Bursagaz has been taking part in these networks since 2011 and it has expanded its activities more professionally under Social business approach in 2013. Communication has gained more importance in the globalized world. Along with this fact, keeping the information-message-target-feedback quartet under control, preventing misinformation and reaching individuals are vitally significant and this affects the image of both individuals and institutions publicly.

Bursagaz is the rising star of the energy sector with its innovative and pioneering approaches, and it has sophisticated its existence there in 2013 with its target of reflecting this perception through social networks within framework of Social business. Social Media is sharing daily social interactions on the web via various online medium, and making it quantifiable. Our mission is to strengthen our Corporate reputation by applying an effective organizational schema to ecosystem of traceable and quantifiable social data to learn more about customer behavior motives, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and brand awareness, and manage public opinion of Bursagaz.

Bursagaz aims to provide easiest way that its subscribers can submit their complaints and suggestions to Bursagaz and that they are kept informed on the safe and efficient use of natural gas through its official accounts Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ to Bursagaz and has resolved 87% of the complaints through social networks within the same business day. The Bursagaz Social Media Team, which has been established along this idea, acts on the principle that social media is a social environment before being media and they have actualized significant progress in 2013 in order to improve communication with Bursagaz staff, stakeholders and subscribers under Social business.

The Bursagaz Social Media Team which consist of three team and 17 members, was established to make the social media to be used more effective among the personnel, helping social media strategy of the company to be understood better, increasing its sustainability and strengthening information flow of a total of 33 accounts on 12 different social networks. Besides all these, Bursagaz. com, BursagazSK.org, BGEGD.org, Bursagaz internal and external portals have been included in Bursagaz social media strategies under Social business as of the 2013. The Bursagaz Social Media Team has organized various informative meetings in order to have the staff acquire the significance of social networks within the company and to provide its conscious use. In light of these meetings, the Bursagaz Social Media Team has presented a model study in the sector, the “Social Media Guide in Professional Life” for the use of the Bursagaz personnel.

Due to its organizational structure and dynamic operation of the Social Media Team, became the first and only company in the industry according to international klout rating which measures effectiveness of social media. The team has reached to an approximate 40 million displays and over 400,000 thausand inetraction on social networks with the support of the executive management and the staff of Bursagaz. The subscribers receive information on the safe and efficient use of natural gas, special information on social responsibility projects and investments, information on the new and Gold Leed certificate candidate, state of the art technology Bursagaz headquarters building. All this information is shared on the accounts each day and also much more information about daily working areas, gas cut-offs due to line damages, monthly price schedules, price distributions, meter reading dates and other significant information is also shared.

Bursagaz supports its social media accounts and its customer relations with the campaigns it carries out. In 2013 they organized a competition through Twitter under the name #20gün20bilet for the U-20 World Cup Semi-Final match played in Bursa and was embraced by the subscribers with their appreciation. In addition, Bursagaz organized competitions through Social Networks and match tickets of Bursaspor, one of the most important trademarks of Bursa, and that Bursagaz has been supporting for years as a sponsor, were given as gifts. Again in 2013 the campaign “To the Movies with Bursagaz” attracted attention, where the lucky social network followers of Bursagaz won movie tickets to Korupark Cinetech. Bursagaz Social Media team carries out awareness raising tasks for different departments during the year. They organized campaigns such as the “Live Winter like it is Summer” which provided 16,139 BSS new subscribers for a support of 370,000 displays on Facebook, support of 550.000 displays for the voting of the EFQM – New Ways of Working that ended with an award,support with 1.200.000 votes for the Great Place to Work as Turkey’s best emloyer competition, promotional support for “Office-less Service” for 337,000 displays, promotion videos for Education Volunteers and the EGD Sports Club and they have reached the Bursagaz subscribers this year with a total of 28,000,000 displays on Facebook.

The Bursagaz Social Media Team has shared the 2012 results and 2013 targets of Bursagaz at the Discussion and Evaluation Meeting and the Staff Sharing Meeting with the Bursagaz followers over the Social Media instantaneously and thus, they both lead the way for such sharing and they also emphasized the importance they attached to transparent communication. The Bursagaz Social Media Team completed 2013 by organizing a homemade food sale for Bursagaz Education Volunteers Association which has been traditonalized and they have underlined the point that in fact, the Social Media cannot be measured with likes and numbers of followers that it is actually a social organism and everything is better when shared.


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