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First Steps of Establishing a Strong Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence is becoming a vital part of reputation of companies, industries and people. Most of the start ups are using their Social Media Presence as a leverage for marketing and partially abandoning the other online options. Start ups prefer to spend on social media advertising rather than having a web-site and having to deal with SEO issues. Yet, there is major disinformation in social media about how to establish a strong social presence. Below are the First Steps of Establishing a Strong Social Media Presence.

What are you trying to achieve?

This is the most important question of all… Trying to establish a strong social media presence without a purpose or a reason is shooting in dark. Your answer to this most important question will have effects on how and where to approach your possible customers at first. Promoting your product and services are marketing, on the other hand trying to monitor and handle customer behavior requires a more complex approach.

Promoting products and services

This approach is the most used and also the most flexible approach. Every variable can change depending on your industry and location. You should have a business plan and an advertising budget for such action. Your budget is the biggest factor on how you are going to plan your moves. Facebook advertising is the cheapest and mocst capable of customized targeting option amongst all social networks. On the other hand, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn can create hefty advertising bills for a start up. Best way to make a move is to focus on a single network in the beginning.

Monitoring industry and competitors

You are not going to need a strong social media presence for this approach in the beginning, but you will need a good amount of resources invested in this for a better result. Hootsuite offers very easy and flexible ways to monitor keywords, lists and profiles on multiple networks. Additionally, Hootsuite also has strong partnerships wtih UberVU and Brandwatch for in depth reports on specific topics. Of course, you will need a compotent person to analyze and read on this valuable piece of information.

Monitoring customer behavior and handling complaints

AKA “Social CRM“; my favorite and inevitable step on any social media presence… No matter how you are going to have a solution on this subject, you have to dive into it and experience it at one point of your life. It can get very overwhelming if you do not have a good coordination amongst your team members.

Who is your target crowd?

Do you have contracted customers already? Do you have people following your brand? Or are you just starting up your business? If you have a presence in business life, expect customer complaints and a rush of follower increase in the beginning. Also, you should have demographical data about your customers. It is time to contact your marketing department and figure out who are you trying to reach to by establishing a social media presence. Age, location, education and every other demographical data will help you to create your marketing plan.

Where is your target crowd?

Every social network has its own specifics and challenges. Choosing the right social network which has the highest population of your target crowd will make it easier to start up your profile than other networks.

Your choice of social network will determine your rate of engagement depending on your target crowd. Higher rate of engagements means larger reach; larger reach means increase in fan base. There are thousands of infographics and articles about social networks’ demographics to help you choose the best option.

What does your target crowd expect?

You should be able to have a ball park idea to this question by now. If not, do not worry your target crowd will show their intentions in short amount of time. One of the most critical actions you need to take at this stage is being proactive. If you have chosen the best possible target crowd and the social network, you have the chance to control their behavior by giving them what they need before they can request it.

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If you do things right, you will get loyal followers and have a stable foundation for your social media presence. It is always easier to grow the number of followers on a solid fan base. Remember: it is not how many followers you have; it is how many followers are engaging with you.

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