Early Life

It was 14th February 1987 around 10am, according to my parents, when I was born in Bursa Özel Hastanesi as a cute, chubby baby. I spent my early childhood in Reyhan Mahallesi and moved to Hüdavendigar Mahallesi in 1992.

I have acknowledged my fortune of being born into this amazing city when I left to United States in 2005.

I have had my elementary education in Turkey’s finest Özel İnal Ertekin İlköğretim Okulu; which was sadly sold to a chain school company after the founders passed away. I have met many great people and made lasting friends.

I graduated from Bursa Cumhuriyet Lisesi in 2004 and went to one of the top education instutions of Turkey: Bilkent University. I studied in Bilkent for a year, took foundation classes and transferred to Montclair State University of New Jersey for Fall of 2005.

I spent 2 semesters in Montclair State, then I decided to take a big turn about my academical life. I was bored of “studying” management and business. Business couldn’t be learned in colleges, it is learned in bazaars and small businesses. I followed on my dream to become a computer programmer and transferred to Bergen Community College and restarted my college carreer in the field of Web Programmer in Spring of 2007. I graduated from Bergen Community College in May 2008 and decided to put my skills to work and earn some bread on my own. I started working full-time for R.S. Knapp Co. as intern in May 2008.


M. Sinan Pala, was born in 1987 as member of Bursa’s well-known and phliantropist families Pala and Sünnetçioğlu. He is 5th generation Bursa-born from paternal side and has an old lineage going back to 1500s in İnegöl, Bursa from his maternal side. He also has Bosnian and Albanian ancestry from grandmothers.

M. Sinan Pala, attended Özel İnal-Ertekin primary school, just like everyone else in his family for generations and continued his education in Bursa Cumhuriyet High School, graduated in 2004. He studied 1 year in Bilkent University and continued his education in the USA.

M. Sinan Pala, came back to his motherland in 2012 after spending almost 8 years abroad. Since his arrival, he has been devoting his time to serve Bursa and its citizens just like his families have done for generations.


Hootsuite EMEA Brand Ambassador

Hootsuite Media Inc.

– Present | Turkey

Advocate on behalf of the Hootsuite brand – Amplify Hootsuite messages to their existing networks – Provide feedback on the Hootsuite dashboard and regional insight – Create a stronger presence for Hootsuite regionally through participation in events and online advocacy

Social Business Supervisor


– Present | Bursa, Türkiye

Management of Bursagaz’s web-sites and social media presence, and adapting social business principles for internal usage. – Established Internal Portal. – Social Media usage and etiquette trainings for managers and executives. – Leader of Social Media Team consisting of 18 members.

Football Scout


– Present 

Scouted and analysed numerous players for various agents and clubs.

Talent and Tactical Scout

Bursaspor SK

(8 months) | Bursa, Turkey

Football player performance, potential and value analysis and squad architect. – Scouted every player in Serbia, Croatia leagues and MLS using WyScout and SportsCode GameBreaker; total of 600 players; and shortlisted players suitable for team. – Projected and current value analysis for the A team. – Projected value for U17, U19 and U21 youth academy players. – Positional and tactical analysis of every Europa and Champions League goals from set pieces with SportsCode GameBreaker. – Opposition individual player analysis with SportsCode GameBreaker.

Social Media Rep.


(2 years 1 month) | Bursa, Turkey

Coordination of 30+ social media accounts spread over 10 networks via leading the Social Media Team. Our mission is to strengthen our corporate reputation by applying an effective organizational schema to ecosystem of traceable and quantifiable social data to learn more about customer behavior motives, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and brand awareness, and manage public opinion of Bursagaz. – Updated company’s and sub associations’ web sites; total of 5 web sites. – Assembled Social Media Team. – Created social media policy. – Established Social CRM.

 Assistant Project Manager

R. S. Knapp Co. / Napco

(2 years 11 months) | New Jersey, USA

– BidSet Bid Manager: Bid procurement and contractor management tool for AEC industry. – iShareDocs: Online file sharing tool for AEC industry.

Technical Support Specialist

R.S.Knapp Co.Inc. (NAPCO)

(1 year 6 months) | New Jersey, USA

– Debugging and designing web based applications in ASP classic, VB.NET, Java, HTML and MS-SQL. – Customer and Tech support on phone to clients for proprietary software. – Maintenance of web application and database servers. – Problem solution for daily issues in reproduction area.


R. S. Knapp Co. / Napco

(4 months) | New Jersey, USA

– In depth training of proprietary software.

Professional Tutor

Bergen Community College

(1 year 5 months) | New Jersey, USA

– Tutored Math and IT Classes


Garden State Soccer League

NJ Cosmos (08/09)
Bayonne United (09/10)
Istanbul SC (10/11)
Newark Enforcers (‘11 Summer)

Staten Island Soccer League

Eclipse FC (11/12)
2011/2012 Play-off Champions


Social Media Team

Assembled and lead the team.
– Unification and organization of name handles on social networks.
– Implementing hub organizational schema for the communication between the team and departments.
– Integrating customer services into Twitter and Facebook accounts.
– Coordination of marketing and PR activities through social networks.
– Social Media trainings for managers and heads of units.

Social CRM

– Structuring Teams responsible of topics to be monitored.
– Establishing business processes and approval structure to handle posts to Social Media.
– Establishing business processes and approval structure to handle customer complaints from Social Media.
– Laying out the situations excluded from Social CRM application and should be handled manually.

Social Media Policy

– Approval processes of Social Media posts are laid out.
– Guidelines on how to utilize Social Media to gain edge on professional life.

Social Media Team


MS Sharepoint Social Business Portal

Integrated heterogenous applications to a homogenous user interface for optimizing social business benefits.

SAP Social Business Portal

Integrated heterogenous applications to a homogenous user interface for optimizing social business benefits.

Social Business Portal

EWE Turkey Holding









Web sites


Bursaspor Youth Development Projection

– Analysed U21, U19 and U17 players with SportsCode GameBreaker and created talent projection for each player.

Europa League and Champions League Set Pieces Analysis

– Analysed every set pieces goals between 2010-2013 with SportsCode GameBreaker.

Serbia SuperLiga Scouting Report

– Scouted and analysed every player in Serbia SuperLiga by using Wyscout and SportsCode GameBreaker.

Croatia PrvaLiga Scouting Report

– Scouted and analysed every player in PrvaLiga by using Wyscout and SportsCode GameBreaker.

USA MLS Scouting Report

– Scouted and analysed every player in MLS by using Wyscout and SportsCode GameBreaker.

Talent and Tactical Football Scouting



– Online file sharing system for AEC Industry.


– Online bid management tool for Construction industry.

Migration of Database Servers

– Migrated MS-SQL server, including 150 databases.